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Public Interest Law Solicitors and Laywers in London

When a public body such as a Local Council or Government Department makes a decision which affects you, and where there is no right of appeal, you may be able to challenge that decision by making what is known as a judicial review. Judicial review is the process by which Judges will consider whether decisions of public bodies are lawful or not. This area of law is called Public Law and our firm has a committed Public Law Team set up with specialist and experienced solicitors to advise and assist you.

Our Services

Our Public Law Team has considerable experience and success in lodging applications for judicial review to challenge decisions of public authorities on behalf of individuals and organisations such as:

  • Removal from the United Kingdom
  • Delay in making decisions
  • Refusal of specific designation for educational institutions
  • Failure to implement decisions of the Tribunal in issuing status documents or visas following successful appeals
  • Unlawful detention and damages

Our Public Law Team has acted in a number of important and high profile cases in the High Court, as well as the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Due to its specialism and experience, our Team can act quickly and efficiently to deal with urgent cases, such as removal cases, and complex cases.

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