/Tier 2 (ICT) applicants and their dependents will have to pay the NHS Immigration Health Surcharge as of 03 April 2017

The IHS was introduced in April 2015 to cover health costs of migrants living, working and studying in the UK.

Many of our clients here at LUPINS have already had to pay the IHS charge. On 03 April 2017 more changes will be underway as Tier 2 (ICT) applicants will be charged £200 per valid visa at the time of application and their dependents will also have to pay the same amount. The good news is should the application be rejected, IHS payment is refunded.

What we would advice to employers:

UK employers who cover the immigration costs of their employees will need to make yet another payment strain. Therefore it is advised that employers look to meeting any recruiting needs and send off applications before the April 2017 deadline.

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