/Application for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

Application for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

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Client’s Situation

Mr Lai instructed us to prepare his application for a Tier 1(Entrepreneur) visa. We also assisted in preparing the business plan.
The application was successful and was turned around very quickly resulting in increased investment opportunities between the  UK and China.

What The Client Said

Lawrence Lupin immigration service is great. I got reply from him very shortly even there was a time difference between my original country and UK, he could solve out what I concerned in my visa application, and further processes until now.

He and his teams know in depth level  about Home Office internal procedures, in additional to immigration law and rules. He has a lot of associates who can help those may need in future like me after getting visa, like company filings, property searching arrangement of opening bank accounts in UK, etc.

From my understanding, the successful rate of getting Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is around 10% to 20%, but I got Tier 1 Entrepreneur via within 2 weeks.

After recent terrorist attacks in recent months, as well as a great number of refugees coming to UK, the result of which is that Home Office will use very tight approach to scrutinize each application, so Mr. Lawrence service is a must.  Thanks, Stephen.

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