Complex asylum case – Refusal overturned on appeal

Summary of case and what we did

Mr Hedayat came to Lupins Immigration Solicitors in London with a very complicated asylum matter which he had been struggling with for a long time. We had submitted his asylum application which was subsequently refused. After our team’s hard work and efforts, we worked to put together a case for Mr Hedayat and  appealed the decision. We won the asylum appeal and Mr Hedayat has now has successfully been recognized as a Refugee in the UK. He has expressed his intention to return to Lupins when he is eligible to make his application for indefinite leave/settlement.

Client Testimonial

I spoke to many solicitors before coming to Lupins Solicitors. None of them were able to show me a clear path because my case was very complicated. But when I spoke to Tamana she gave me a very clear path. Tamana, Anitha and Kiren gave me hope and made me feel assured. I was sure of what to do now. My case was very complex and it was more the 5kg of paper work. Lupins fought for me and saved my life and as a result my case was successful. I am very grateful to them. In terms of communicating to me, they were very honest and very, very friendly – excellent communication. I give them 10 out of 10.  I know how vulnerable and confused I was and choosing them to fight for me was the best decision I could make.  I highly recommend them to you and I wish you the very best of luck in your own case.

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