/Emergency Entry to UK Negotiated

Emergency Entry to UK Negotiated

Client’s Situation

Ms J was refused entry to the UK on her arrival at Heathrow Airport. There was confusion over whether she was in the UK for an internship. We were instructed on an emergency basis and successfully negotiated with the UKBA so that she could enter the UK and visit her relatives here.

What the client said

“My entrance to the UK was a complete nightmare. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was accepted by a very well known firm to participate in an internship in London. When I arrived in the UK my entry was refused. I asked my Uncle to get me the best lawyer concerning immigration and he recommended me to Lawrence Lupin. Luckily Lawrence managed to get me out of all this trouble within days. I really couldn’t find a way out before I met him. He was always extremely proactive and supportive with the case and finally the good news arrived that I could remain in London and my status in the UK was preserved. I would highly recommend Lawrence in the future”.  Ms J

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