The Home office continues to wrongly tell lawful residents to leave!

The Home Office has continued to erroneously send letters to lawful residents advising that they must leave the country. In August a number of European Union (EU) nationals were mistakenly told that they were liable to be detained and if they did not leave the country within one month they faced removal.  Teresa May described the situation as “an unfortunate error” and confirmed; “I want to assure EU nationals here in the UK that their rights and status in the UK have not changed.”

However, those individuals on the receiving end of such letters would have clearly been distressed. The Labour chair of the home affairs select committee Yvette Cooper, said that the error was “disgraceful and would have caused anxiety and distress for the families affected” she confirmed that “we cannot afford for the Home Office to make mistakes like this”.

The Home Office issued a further apology on September 25th to a research scientist, who received a letter advising him his driving license was being revoked and that he should take steps to leave the UK immediately. The letter threatened that he could face six months in prison, forcible removal from the UK and a ban on returning to Britain for up to 10 years if he did not leave voluntarily. The none EU national has a valid work visa until 2019.

This is further evidence of uncertainty and unreliability in what is being described as a continuing hostile environment for foreign nationals.

With an acknowledged 10% error in Home Office records used for some forms of enforcement action, hundreds of driving licenses have been wrongly revoked and hundreds of people are wrongly being refused new bank accounts because of incorrect immigration records.

Lupins have a team of highly experienced specialists in this matter. If you receive a letter in error or are unsure about your situation or if you need any assistance in clarifying your status or need advice about regularising your status in the UK, please contact us.

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