Human Rights Application – 3 years waiting for a decision from the Home Office – but worth it in the end!

“My life was really difficult to cope with from 2011. My solicitor made an immigration application to the Home Office in 2011 but they did not reply for years.  My solicitor was pushing for a decision but they could not to get any response from the Home Office about my status. It was tough on my side.

I could not work to support my needs and my child’s because of the situation I was in. I was in a bad state and never knew when my papers will come through and I was fed up with the delay. I was stressed, depressed and mentally confused.

My solicitor used to check up on me and encourage me not to worry too much. I felt like I was reaching my breaking point because every time I got a call from my solicitor I kept on thinking that it would be good news but it wasn’t.

I couldn’t find work because the Home Office had not made a decision on my case. My solicitor had to request for permission papers from the Home Office to prove that I am eligible to work but it would take weeks so I ended up losing a place where I applied for a job.

I kept on praying and hoping that one day things will change and I am going to have a life where I don’t have to worry about my immigration status.

I thank my solicitor for pushing the Home Office harder to make a decision that I was waiting for so long. I have now finally got my indefinite leave to remain in the UK. I couldn’t be any happier.”

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