Independent report shows that asylum applications are not being managed effectively

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, David Bolt, issued a report on the effectiveness and handling of asylum claims by Home office

The report states that this inspection is important as every decision is “life changing”.

The inspection focused on four areas, namely registering an asylum claim, the decision making process, decision quality and progress of implementing recommendation from previous inspections.

The report also mentions about the Next Generation Casework Project:

“During 2016-17, AIC senior managers had recognised the need for remedial action to reduce the size of the ‘Initial Decision WiP’, and a plan (the Next Generation Casework project) was developed to recruit 140 new DMs for a period of 12 months to concentrate on the non-straightforward claims. The project was also intended to develop and test new ways of working.”

The report states that if this project succeeds it will dramatically improve the Home Office’s effectiveness and handling of asylum claims.

The Home Office struggles to keep on top of the applications it receives according to the independent Chief Inspector.

There was an increase in the number of claims awaiting a decision increased in the year ending 31 March 2017.  However the number of claims made was lower by 5981 (19.7 %), than had been recorded previously.

The Home Office says that they plan to make improvements. However according to the Chief inspector these need to be accelerated otherwise it will add further problems to the existing situation.

Although the Home Office had hired more decision makers by March 2017, these decision makers did not feel adequately trained and had to rely on more experienced colleagues.

The Home Office’s own internal quality assurance process used in the 2016-2017, shows that 24% of the files assessed were below “satisfactory”. This seems to agree with the independent report as it appears that the Home Office is struggling.

The Independent Chief Inspector’s report, identified room for improvement in a third of the randomly selected cases and half of the selected cases had grammatical mistakes in them.

The report makes 7 recommendations, in order for the Home Office to improve their service.

The link to the full report is here:

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