Law Society finds that there are ‘serious flaws’ in the UK immigration system

The Law Society has claimed that poor immigration decisions are having a “devastating” effect on families and businesses and are undermining the rule of law.

Almost 50% of decisions that go to appeal in England and Wales are overturned which the law Society argues means that the system is “seriously flawed”. Furthermore the Law Society throws a word of caution in that they argue that this issue needs to be fixed before Brexit takes effect.

The Home Office have instead argued that appeals are upheld for different reasons which include new evidence being put forward on appeal which was not available to the Home Office.

The Law Society states that with Brexit coming and EU nationals required to apply to regularise their status, UK Visas and Immigration, a department of the Home Office, faces possibly the biggest increase in applications in history. The Law Society highlighted that “the need for a robust, reliable and efficient immigration system is more pressing than ever”.

The Home Office replied that it was properly and efficiently processing simple applications but when it came to more complex applications the Home Office argued that it would require greater time because such applications require further information before the correct decision is made.

If you have suffered the effect of poor decision making or unreasonable delay then our immigration solicitors and caseworkers can guide you in having a poor decision overturned or in case of delay, we can ensure the Home Office makes a decision on your case.

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