Marriage visa combining sources of income

Practice Area

  • Immigration

Issues Client Faced

  • Foreign spouse of self employed British national
  • Visa refusal based on financial requirements
  • Self employed proof of earnings

Client’s Situation

Mrs M tried to join her husband a British national in the UK.  They prepared their initial visa application themselves. It was refused, mainly because she did not satisfy the financial requirements and it was alleged that her husband was not earning enough money.

Our Action

Mr M contacted us, we reviewed the application and we prepared a fresh application. Mrs M’s husband in the UK actually had 2 jobs, one of which was as a self-employed consultant. In order to get over the income requirement he needed to combine his earnings for both jobs.

We ensured that all the documentation proved his earnings including his self employed earnings and made very strong representations in support of the application.

The Result

All went very smoothly and Mrs M is now living in the UK with her husband.

What The Client Said

“Well done, you have done a great job!!!  She has got the visa, you have just made another life happier!!”

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