More Paralegals pass the IAAS Level 2 and are promoted to Senior Caseworkers

LUPINS are extremely proud to announce the following paralegals successfully completed the IAAS exam and have now been promoted to a Senior Caseworker position; Kiran Azam, Carla Mirallas, Raman Kumar, Claudio Cervo and Anitha Gopal.

Kiran joined LUPINS in September 2016 as a Paralegal in the Private Immigration Team. Kiran’s ongoing support to the private team has enabled the team to flourish.

“I now have my own caseload and provide support to clients on a private basis. This does not feel like a massive jump in the transition from paralegal to caseworker, due to the amount of support I received from my colleagues during my time as a paralegal.   I was provided with excellent in-house preparation for the Level 2 Immigration and Asylum examination. I am mostly looking forward to completing the compulsory training under the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority in order to qualify as a solicitor, once I have gathered more experience as a Senior Caseworker.”  Kiran Azam

Anitha joined us in April 2015 as a Caseworker in the Private Immigration Team. After successfully completing the IAAS Level 2 and her experience in the field of immigration, Anitha continues to maintain a great success rate and her client’s often leave great feedback.

“I am indebted to LUPINS for the encouragement and support provided to me from being a paralegal to a caseworker. The guidance and support have been instrumental in helping me achieve my professional goals, and for that I am forever grateful” Anitha Gopal

Raman joined our firm in March 2016. Raman is strongly committed to providing the best service to clients and is always keen to enhance his skills and knowledge further.

Claudio joined LUPINS in April 2016, as a Paralegal in the Public Law Team. Claudio continues to work diligently for his clients and offers continuing support.

“I was thrilled to be able to work in a firm with a long held reputation for its excellence in the field of immigration and human rights law. LUPINS’ training and investment in its people is one of the ways in which the firm demonstrates its commitment to access to justice for all, and in providing a sustainable and high quality service.”  Claudio Cervo

Carla joined us in December 2016. Carla provides advice in a wide range of immigration, asylum, detention and human rights cases and is committed to helping vulnerable clients.

“I am really excited about the opportunities ahead, now I am a Senior Caseworker at LUPINS. I am committed to working with vulnerable clients and providing the best professional advice I can. One of the best things of working at LUPINS is the quality of the lawyers that form the team and I am happy to be part of it. Thank you LUPINS for supporting and encouraging me in my career development.” Carla Mirallas

Our ongoing team of paralegals remain passionate in their work and continue to strive towards joining our excellent team of Senior Caseworkers.

Finally we would like to say a special thanks from the firm for all their continual hard work, we are passionate about our ongoing commitment to nurture new talent in this increasingly challenging field, the dedication shown by these members of staff prove that this commitment helps attain a strong foundation for their future.

If you, your friends or relatives are experiencing any difficulties with immigration, please don’t hesitate to contact us now for more information and advice on 0203 503 0880