Personal Immigration – Long Residence and Human Rights

Summary of case and what we did

Mr Mukasa made various applications and extensions of his visa to remain in the United Kingdom. All appeals were dismissed. By the time he cane to Lupins all his remedies had been exhausted.

We submitted a Set (O) application. The application was made with reference to the Home Office Extra – Statutory Concession and Article 8 of the ECHR 1950. We felt that the client could apply for long residence in the United Kingdom as he had been living in the United Kingdom for almost 15 years.

Mr Mukasa was given Discretionary Leave

Client Testimonial

I contacted Lawrence Lupin Solicitors to seek immigration advice before submission of my application for settlement in the UK. Tamana the lawyer who was allocated my case requested for my file access from the home office so that she could be familiar with my immigration history. She reflected on my immigration history, the grounds on which my current leave to remain in the UK is based, and the grounds that one can rely on to apply for settlement in the UK. She reviewed my situation, and asked if i had evidence to support my settlement application. She requested me for more time so that she could review the current immigration rules and to compile a list of evidence that i would need to support the application.. I have been very satisfied with the services offered to me so far and the communication between me and Tamana has been outstanding”

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