/Private Application for Extension of Tier 4 Student Visa

Private Application for Extension of Tier 4 Student Visa

Summary of case and what we did

Mr Bhuyan approached Lupins as the college he was enrolled with was suspended and he was issued with a curtailment letter requesting that he leaves the country.

Mr Bhuyan was then awarded a PhD scholarship to study at University however the start date of the course was too late and he had no option but to secure a place at another university and complete a Masters. We informed Mr Bhuyan of what requirements and documents he would need and as a result of this, he was able to extend his visa and is now en-route to completing 10 years Long Residence in the United Kingdom.

Client Testimonial

The caseworker, Anitha has expertise in a wide range of immigration aspects. She brilliantly articulated all possible options whilst dealing with my critical case. Finally, she put everything in a way that a mountain-like thing has become a ray of hope. In a few words, great service, great experience and a very speedy outcome in a very short space of time……thank you Anitha.

Mohammed Jobayer Bhuyan

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