UK reached visa cap for skilled non-EU workers

The UK has reached its cap for skilled non-EU workers for the third month in a row, consequently this has created greater staffing crisis for NHS and other employers. There is fear that this is turning into a long-term problem that could dramatically affect the NHS and other healthcare organisations.

Approximately a third of tier-2 work visas issued by the Home Office go to medical staff recruited by the NHS. Experts are concerned that doctors, other healthcare staff, scientists and software developers will be the first to be turned away.

There is a general consensus amongst experts is that there is a rapid decline in numbers of EU nationals coming to work in the UK and increasing numbers of them returning home.

The Home Office has sent out emails to UK employers and businesses informing them that the applications submitted for the certificates of sponsorship had been refused as they failed to meet the minimum point score set for February quota.

This point-based system orders applicants in relation to their advertised salary. Accordingly their minimum annual pay would change depending on the number of applicants above the quota and their points rating. Consequently, this has negatively affected the NHS and their ability to employ on- EU workers.

The chief Executive of NHS employers, Danny Mortimer has demanded that the Home Office exempt medical staff from the quota, he states that NHS organisations are concerned that they are unable to obtain permits for essential medical staff, including doctors and nurses. The Home Office has responded by confirming this system works in the national interest and encourages employers to recruit within the UK before recruiting from overseas.

Article posted by Anitha Gopal

Anitha Gopal
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