Universities join pilot plan for easier foreign student visas

Edinburgh University is one of twenty-three Universities in the UK and Scotland that have reportedly agreed to take part in a pilot scheme designed to make it easier for foreign students to get visas to study and eventually find permanent work in the United Kingdom.

This pilot will include courses of 13 months or less thus encouraging International students to apply for Tier-4 visas. This program is primarily geared towards students coming from the United States of America and the Far east, however it is accessible to all applicants that meet the necessary requirements.

The UK government has confirmed that this pilot program provides greater support for students who wish to switch to work visa and in turn change to graduate role that will allow them to remain in the UK for six months following the end of the course.

The universities who will be participating in this program will have the responsibility to carry out the necessary checks. Applicants will be able to submit fewer documents than required in the current process along with their visa applications. Students will continue to require Home Office security and identity checks, and those who do not meet the immigration rules will be refused.

The UK Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis has announced the expansion of this pilot program due to an exponential increase in international university students applying to study in the UK. The Secretary of State for Scotland has confirmed that this pilot program will make it easier for foreign students who want to study in Scotland with the overall aim of attracting “the best and the brightest”.

The senior vice principal of University of Edinburgh, Charlie Jeffery, has confirmed that approximately three thousand of their international students stand to benefit from the pilot program that is designed to enable students to further their studies and pursue careers in the UK.

Dr. Alasdair, Minister for International Development and Europe, has urged the UK government to carry out changes to the Tier 4 route and apply these changes to all of the UK universities.

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Article posted by Eve Forrester

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